Complimentary Review

Free to all our clients: You are all invited to meet with John on an annual basis for a COMPLIMENTARY one to one meeting about your business. Where we will discuss your business but also the bigger picture, integrating the vital element which relates to YOU, your lifestyle, your needs and your sanity. The two should work hand in hand and create a comprehensive holistic approach which makes sense. Your personal goals should intersect with your business goals, one should not hamper the other, and solutions can be discussed for the challenges and issues you are facing. You will find we offer an empathetic but straight talking ear for your pressing issues and in the manner of two heads being better than one, combine our different sets of knowledge and experience to come up with some ways to help you move forward.

Here is what you can expect from the COMPLIMENTARY REVIEW MEETING in which John will
• assess how things are going overall and review your current position
• review your financial position and compare to previous years where relevant
• review the best way to maximise your tax efficiency/review limited company or sole trader etc
• discuss your current concerns and provide a sounding board for solutions you may have
• reflect on your original motivation for starting the business
• create an outline plan with you linked to your financial expectation and personal goals for the next year

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